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Last updated September 2009

September 2009

A website set up to support, parents, students, mentors and educators of gifted girls.

Social and Emotional issues Faced by Gifted Girls

Gender and Genius, by Barbara Kerr (She wrote Smart Girls and Smart Boys)
Gifted boys and girls need to learn to cope with their giftedness while careful1y following prescribed gender roles if they want to avoid the rejection of their communities. How were these gender roles shaped, and how did we get our ideas about what gifted girls and gifted boys should be like?

The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female – At 14, our daughter lost a hard fought struggle. Her slow descent into depression began during fourth grade after our family's relocation... Once self-confident and happy, she became filled with anxiety and frustration by the end of middle school. In ninth grade Sarah was haunted by rapid thoughts, and sleepless nights. Her tremendous mental energies eventually spiraled inward, settling into a looping, repetitive chant: I'm unacceptable

Spelling in pictures: A visualisation Success Story
Can you teach a gifted visual spatial learner how to spell? My answer is ‘Yes’. The ‘How?’ will hopefully be addressed by this article.

Facts on Fiction
A resource for parents, teachers and educators so they can determine if a book may be appropriate for a particular child to read.

Webb: Dabrowski and existential depression

July 2009

A report for the Council and Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) Feb 28th 2006 – from Northern Ireland Curriculum website

Gifted Adults

It is about kids who say they are happy at school, but may not really be  - just say that because that is what you are meant to say.She warns that if not detected, these “un happy” feelings can lead to depression etc.

This is an American website about homeschooling kids.

What motivates learning

I have come across this web site that has quite a few articles about giftedness.  Too many to choose a few , so I thought you all might like to have the link and browse at your leisure or find one that interests you.

An interesting article about acceleration. It is 10 years old now.  You may have read it?

American website about homeschooling

April 2009

100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner

What motivates learning:

Quite a few articles about giftedness:

Brainology: It is about "fixed mind sets'" versus "growth mindsets

Procrastination: The Procrastinator's Guide to the Galaxy and other important spots in the Universe by Deirdre V Lovecky.

This is an article about those of us who always left the essay, work etc until the last minute. It explores a different way our minds might work and that trying to get our minds to "conform" to the "doing a little bit at time etc", may be counterproductive.

The struggle of Gifted Education and recognition in Texas