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Our parent information resources include a library of books and articles available for members to browse through and borrow from at talks, discussion evenings etc.

You may borrow or return a book at other times by arrangement.

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Government Submission Inquiry

Our parent information library of books is available for members to browse through and borrow from at talks, discussion evenings etc.
A variety of websites, programs, groups and associations full of resources...
Gifted Support Network was proud to have a played part in the Victorian Government's Inquiry...
GSN Library
You may borrow or return a book at other times by arrangement.
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Useful Links
Australian psycho-educational resources for teachers and parents prepared by Dr Stewart Sykes, Psychologist; former Director of Krongold Centre for Exceptional Children, Monash University, Australia.

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
American “all-things-gifted resource that you've been searching for.” Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books and links for  Parents , for  Educators, Counselors, Administrators and other Professionals , and for  Kids & Teens .

Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc (VAGTC)
The VAGTC has, as its primary interest, the welfare of gifted and talented children throughout Victoria.
Phone: 0402 056 140

Gifted Children website
A great website with heaps of information

Born to Soar are specialists in gifted education:
"Our student courses are designed to specifically address the mind of a gifted thinker, to be challenging and fast-paced while allowing for a deep, rich exploration of concepts and ideas.  Courses are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and can be undertaken at school or at home."
CHIP (Children of High Intellectual Potential) Foundation
CHIP run maths, English and scholarship preparation classes and holiday programs in various locations around Melbourne.
Phone: 0448 880 331

Programs for gifted children in schools. School holiday programs.
Phone: 9894 2116

WiseOnes provides a support service for children who are of significantly higher potential than others their own age. This is provided in school during school time.
Phone: 9794 8258

Australian Gifted Network (no website)
Phone Lynne McKenzie-Sykes: 9822 7012

Exceptional Children
Exceptional Children is a psychological consultancy specialising in children who have special learning needs.  Dr Gail Byrne is their principal psychologist and is also a teacher and Coordinator of Individual Differences. For the past nine years, she has served as Chairperson of the CHIP (Children of High Intellectual Potential) Foundation. She has many years experience working with children who may not be experiencing success in the classroom for any number of reasons. 
Phone Dr Gail Byrne: 9889 3381
Mobile: 0414 738 027

IGGY Juniors
IGGY Juniors is a network of the brightest and most creative youngsters aged 7 - 13. 
IGGY welcome young people from all around the world, to join together online with other well-motivated students and with University academics, in a lively intellectual community, participating in a programme of activities designed to stimulate, challenge and motivate very able young people.
Web Articles
A website set up to support, parents, students, mentors and educators of gifted girls.​

Social and Emotional issues Faced by Gifted Girls

Gender and Genius, by Barbara Kerr (She wrote Smart Girls and Smart Boys)
Gifted boys and girls need to learn to cope with their giftedness while carefully following prescribed gender roles if they want to avoid the rejection of their communities. How were these gender roles shaped, and how did we get our ideas about what gifted girls and gifted boys should be like?

The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female – At 14, our daughter lost a hard fought struggle. Her slow descent into depression began during fourth grade after our family's relocation... Once self-confident and happy, she became filled with anxiety and frustration by the end of middle school. In ninth grade Sarah was haunted by rapid thoughts, and sleepless nights. Her tremendous mental energies eventually spiraled inward, settling into a looping, repetitive chant: I'm unacceptable

Spelling in pictures: A visualisation Success Story
Can you teach a gifted visual spatial learner how to spell? My answer is ‘Yes’. The ‘How?’ will hopefully be addressed by this article.

Facts on Fiction
A resource for parents, teachers and educators so they can determine if a book may be appropriate for a particular child to read. 

Webb: Dabrowski and existential depression

A report for the Council and Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) Feb 28th 2006 – from Northern Ireland Curriculum website

Gifted Adults

It is about kids who say they are happy at school, but may not really be  - just say that because that is what you are meant to say.She warns that if not detected, these “un happy” feelings can lead to depression etc.

This is an American website about homeschooling kids. 

What motivates learning

I have come across this web site that has quite a few articles about giftedness.  Too many to choose a few, so I thought you all might like to have the link and browse at your leisure or find one that interests you.

An interesting article about acceleration. It is 10 years old now.  You may have read it?

American website about homeschooling 

100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner

What motivates learning:

Quite a few articles about giftedness:

Brainology: It is about "fixed mind sets'" versus "growth mindsets

Procrastination: The Procrastinator's Guide to the Galaxy and other important spots in the Universe by Deirdre V Lovecky.

This is an article about those of us who always left the essay, work etc until the last minute. It explores a different way our minds might work and that trying to get our minds to "conform" to the "doing a little bit at time etc", may be counterproductive.

The struggle of Gifted Education and recognition in Texas
As a benefit of  membership  we offer information sessions for parents and teachers with professional guest speakers.

Topics include identification, asynchronous development, acceleration, underachievement and more. Discounted entry to information sessions and other activities for members. 

See below a list of the many seminars and information sessions we have offered since 1999!
Upcoming events and seminars can be found on our Events page.
Term 1 - Dr Gail Burn : Identification & Testing of gifted children
Term 2 - Parent Dinner & Discussion
Term 3 - Cancelled
Term 4 - TBA

Term 1 - Prof. Barbara Kerr from University of Kansas USA : Developing Creative Adolesents & Environments
Term 2 - Kathleen Humble - Blended Multi Level Learning for G & 2E children
Term 3 - Movie Night - "Gifted"
Term 4 - Parent Dinner & Discussion 

Term 1 - Penny Round : Identification & Support of Gifted & Twice Exceptional Children
Term 2 - Susane Wade : Giftedness & Autism
Term 3 - Cancelled due to preparation for Term 4
Term 4 - Gifted & 2E FAIR

Term 1 - Cancelled
Term 2 - Tech Talk with Richard Gynes & John Broadbent
Term 3 - Dr Claire Spicer - POSTPONED 
Term 4 - Jenni Krafchek : Perfectionism

Term 1 - Dr Susan Nikakis : Why Fostering Creativity & Encouraging Innovation is Important for Your Child
Term 2 - Penny Willoughby & Christine Ireland Double Seminar: Perspectives on Parenting & Education Gifted Children, Understanding and Supporting Social and Emotional Development in Gifted Children: A New Perspective
Term 3 - Penny Willoughby : Helping Highly Able Children & Teenagers Manage and Move Beyond the Stressful Challenges of Being Able
Term 4 - Gifted Support Network Expo 2014 Exhibitors: Born To Soar, Bradfield Dumpleton Cartooning, CHIP, Exceptional Children, GATEWAYS, Gifted Resources, GSN Tech Table, Hawker Brownlow, Home Education Network, Kids Like Us, MENSA, Robotics Club, SEAL, The Philosophy Club, Thinking Outside the Box, VAGTC, WiseOnes. Presenters: Carolyn Giles, Born To Soar; Ann Jackson, Kids Like Us; Susan Wight, Home Education Network.

Term 1 - Murray Evely : Helping Gifted Children and Young Adolescents Make and Keep - Friends
Term 2 - David Southwick : MP Chair of the Victorian Government Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented Children
Term 3 - Gail Byrne : Understanding Social and Emotional Development in Gifted Children
Term 4 - Martin Jellinek : Gifted Children and the Traditional Education System: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Term 2 - Dr Claire Spicer : Self Efficacy - Helping Gifted Students Increase Their Motivation & Self-Belief
Term 3 - Martin Jellinek : The Impact of Social & Emotional Issues on the Academic Outcomes & Well-Being of Gifted Learners
Term 4 - Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey : Identifying and Supporting Development in Young Gifted Children.

Term 1 - Dr Susan Nikakis : The social and emotional lives of gifted children and the challenges of parenting and teaching them.
Term 2 - Christine Ireland : Questions frequently asked by parents and teachers of gifted children
Term 3 - GSN Lunch VAGTC Parent seminar
Term 4 - Susan Wade : Giftedness and the Autism spectrum

Term 1 - Penny Willoughby :Spot the difference a practical approach to differentiation for gifted children
Term 2 - Pat Slattery : What do you mean by the Sensitive Gifted child?
Term 3 - Assoc. Professor John Munro :  Assisting Gifted Underachievers
Term 4 - Twilight Gifted Expo 

Term 1 - Jodie Valpied : Gifted Introverts from the inside out
Term 2 - Shaun Hately : Helping the gifted survive and prosper
Term 3 - Leonie Kronborg : Identifying Gifted students at home and in the classroom
Term 4 - Dave Harrison : Liaising with your gifted child's school

Term 1 - Gail Byrne : Understanding Gifted Children's IQ assessments
Term 2 - Judy Connell (CEO) & Kalliopi Giacco (Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College) : Gifted Services in Schools
Term 3 - Glenison Alsop : Smart Girls / Bright Boys: are gender differences fact or furphy
Term 4 - Jennifer Grant : The Advocacy journey

Term 1 - Alison Brown : Discipline with Dignity - One Step Ahead
Term 3 - Lynne Mackenzie-Sykes : Acceleration & Advocacy: The Challenge Continues
Term 4 - Star Jump (EXPO) Helping Gifted Visual Spatial Learners
Term 4 - Wiseones Enrichment Program for Gifted Students
Term 4 - Curious Kids : Enhancing Children's Learning Through Play

Term 2 - Suzanne Wakefield : Handwriting -Getting it 'Write' for Gifted Children
Term 3 - Jodie Valpied : Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Children

Term 1 - Jan Elsner : Coaching Gifted Children: Permission to Shine
Term 2 - Karen Green : Curriculum Differentiation: Strategies to Cater for Gifted Students in the Classroom
Term 3 - Lesley Sword : Understanding Giftedness Emotional Intensity and Sensitivity
Term 4 - Maureen Theobold : Managing Boredom, Is it good for you

Term 2 - Lynne Mackenzie-Sykes : To Have and To Be. The Joy & the Challenge!
Term 3 - Andrea Truckenbrodt : Early School Entry
Term 4 - Jo Freitag : Learning Ladder sales night

Term 1 - Karin Morrison (Bialik College) : Creativity and the Young Gifted Child
Term 1 - Paula Touzeau : Dual Exceptionalities- gifted children with learning disabilities- a parents perspective
Term 2 - Glenison Alsop : Motivation & Self Esteem in CHIP

Term 1 - Helen McFarlane : What Catholic Schools are doing for Gifted Students
Term 1 - Lynne Mackenzie-Sykes : Acceleration and Advocacy: the challenge continues
Term 3 - Millicent Henry (CHIP) : Selecting Schools & Scholarship Testing
Term 3 - Anne Jackson : Parenting the Gifted  

Term 1 - Liz Robinson (DEET) : Developing Curriculum for Gifted Learners
Term 1 - Elaine Brownlow Book : Resources on giftedness for Parents and Teachers
Term 2 - Lesley Sword : Living with Intensity
Term 2 - Jen McVeity : Adults as Editors for Gifted Students
Term 3 - Pat Minton : Software for Gifted/Highly able Children
Term 3 - Christine Martin : Perfectionism and the Highly Able/Gifted Child
Term 4 - Leonie Kronborg : Programming for the Gifted

Term 1 - Liz Robinson (DEET) : What Schools are Doing to Motivate Gifted Children
Term 1 - Christina Martin : Underachievement & Motivation
Term 2 - Lesley Sword : Emotional Intensity & Sensitivity
Term 2 - Gail Byrne:  Bibliotherapy
Term 3 - Anne Jackson : Living With Your Gifted Child
Term 3 - Millicent Henry (CHIP) : Choosing a School & Scholarship Testing
Term 4 - Dr Mary Ainley (Melb Uni) : Curiosity and Commitment - Investigating the motivating of achievement in gifted students
Term 4 - Dr John Geake (Melb Uni) : Implications of Brain research for gifted education

Term 3 - Sally Baker : Unmasking the Gifted: Recognising the gifted child that doesn't want to be recognized, and then what?
Term 3 - Rhonda Collins (PACSA) : Different Children, Different Needs
Term 3 - Rhonda Collins (PACSA) : A Special School for Gifted Children
Term 4 - Peter Bennett (MGG) : Teaching Philosophy
Term 4 - Lyn Kelly : Virtual School for the Gifted
Submission to the Government Inquiry
Gifted Support Network was proud to have a played part in the Victorian Government's Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented Students in 2011. The report has now been tabled in parliament. Please click here to find out how our network contributed to the Inquiry.

Update: DEECD gifted strategy released

The Victorian Government have released their new strategy to support gifted and talented children. Entitled 'Aiming High: A strategy for gifted and talented children and young people, 2014 to 2019', the document outlines 18 actions to assist children and young people with outstanding potential or ability in one or more areas.

You can view the media release here and the document itself  here .