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Gifted Support Network Inc.

Supporting families with gifted children in Melbourne

Gifted Support Network

Gifted Support Network is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1998 by parents in Melbourne, Australia.

Members are families and educators who have discovered that their children share many of the  Typical Traits of Giftedness

Gifted Support Network endeavours to provide relevant information, resources and support to families and educators with gifted children.
About us
Our events allow like minded kids, teens and their parents to meet up in safe and fun environments for a wide variety of activities.

Be sure to check our Events page for regular updates
We acknowledge the individual, social, emotional and intellectual needs of gifted children and their families throughout the various stages of development from infancy to the teen years and beyond.​

Gifted Support Network members have the opportunity to enrich their parenting, teaching and learning journey through information sessions, social opportunities and the sharing of the personal stories of others.

We also work to improve community awareness and understanding of the special needs of the gifted. See Gifted Support Network in the news .

New members are always warmly welcomed.

We now have our own Facebook page where you can find all of our news and events. It is also updated regularly with interesting information and links to all things 'gifted'.  Please take the time to visit and 'LIKE' us. 

Typical Traits of Giftedness
Rapid learning rate
Excellent Memory
Early attainment of developmental milestones
Early and extensive vocabulary
Long attention span when interested or challenged
Highly developed curiosity
Divergent thinking
Highly creative
Vivid imagination
Unusual sense of humour
Emotional intensity and sensitivity
High activity level
Decreased need for sleep
Strong sense of justice
Preference for older aged companions